July 4-6, 2017

CONRAD, Hong Kong



Welcome to the second edition of APOStech, which brings together major players in product, commerce, data & analytics, advertising, and payment to help connect the dots for content and delivery at media, telecoms and technology companies.

With more than 70% of Asia’s population expected to be across connected devices by 2022, APOStech focuses on the execution that drives engagement with the connected consumer.

The management of networks and the allocation of capital expenditure is pivotal for stakeholders and shareholders at cable, satellite & telecom companies, as we will hear today from market leaders, incumbents and challengers.

Customer experience, data, analytics and faster time-to-market product execution (with regular upgrades) is now the order of the day for media, telecoms and technology companies. Significantly, each of these factors correlate to competitiveness, growth and profitability as operators are increasingly finding out with success and failure.

Decoding the tech value chain to drive business can often be a nightmare for operators and content owners. Those who seek to own various parts of the value chain are succeeding (i.e. Sky) but at a significant cost with margins under pressure. Others have built and cobbled together things themselves or chosen strategic partnerships and alliances. At the same time, companies also investing in new talent to try and build the next generation platforms of the future.

We find out today if they can succeed.

Thank you to all our sponsors for their support of this young but strategically important event and to our delegates for their attendance.

Vivek Couto & Rupert Wilkinson
Executive Directors, Media Partners Asia

Key Themes

How are media & telecom operators developing their product roadmap, and what does it take to develop an idea into a viable go-to-market product? What are the key challenges and hurdles facing companies today across distribution, monetization, human capital and technology, and where will this evolve to?

With the media buying, selling and planning sectors undergoing transformation, driven by the availability of data, analytics and AI, we examine the impact this has on the video ecosystem. How should operators re-tool and pivot from being media companies, to media & tech companies, and where does this trajectory take the more established players in the short to medium term and beyond?

With 60% of new revenue from the video industry estimated to accrue to the online world, channel operators discuss how they will reinvent their business from a design, content and people perspective. What are the tools they will need to keep the business alive and thriving, and what will it take for the linear business to pivot to new models of distribution?

Broadband’s role in video distribution is no longer a question of if, but when. As brown and greenfield network deployments ramp up and legacy networks look to upgrade, what technologies should operators adopt, and how should they evaluate technology options?

APOStech 2017 focuses on some of the startups that are revolutionizing the way the video ecosystem operates – from transformations in content workflows and production, to streamlining distribution and to finding new ways to monetize and measure the output.

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APOStech is Asia's premier technology summit for the media, telecoms and entertainment industry. This by-invitation only summit brings together CEOs and CTOs at video service platforms, telecoms, content groups, technology and the investment sector.

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