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Social media was extensively used by delegates to share news and updates from the conference.
The social conversation has been curated here. (Updated till May 8, 2018)  Content spend on movies, entertainment and sports in Asia ex-China will rise from $23 bil. in 2017 to $31 bil. by 2023. Digi…  Strategies to win the battle for screen time and wallet share dominated APOS, as 700-plus executives talked about what businesses need…
Wow, my first day in the office in over 2 weeks with many miles travelled... London, Oxford, Cambridge, more London, Jakarta and the #MPAAPOS Conference.
It’s a wrap for my first ever hectic but super fun #mpaapos! So great to meet so many new people and also reconnect with old friends here. Loved Disney’s Mickey 90th birthday themed party and HBO’s Westworld party! :D
So much good stuff, crammed into so few days! Going through the APOS quips, comments, social and session tapes, and thinking how good the sessions were. Loads of recap @MPAupdates #MPAAPOS…
There are worse places to contemplate APOS sessions, recap who said what and expand on key themes... full wrap coming up in ContentAsia's newsletter on Monday. DM us if you're not already on the mailing l…
The morning after and it's all peace and calm at the Ayana post APOS. See you next year! Next stop - ContentAsia Summit on 28-29 August in Singapore. See you there! #mpaapos
The morning after and it's all peace and calm at the Ayana post APOS. See you next year! Next stop - ContentAsia Summit on 28-29 August in Singapore. See you there! #mpaapos
Parting shot yesterday. #MPAAPOS , you’ve been good to us... see you next year!
Partied with some of the amazing and beautiful ladies at APOS’ final night! See you at the next event! #MPAAPOS #amazingladies
In between all that networking need to start running. #mpaapos #apos #bali #rimba
The distilled message from "OTT is tough but we are in it for the long haul, because that is where the customer is" #MPAAPOS
Time to head home from #MPAAPOS in Bali. Long day - 6 hour layover in time to catch up with Jonathan @TV4Ent - also in transit to talk about our joint OTT service.
iwonder Launches as New Doc Streaming Service  #MPAAPOS
It's a wrap. To everyone who has been with us at APOS 2018, thanks so much for a terrific three days. If you couldn't be here, we hope we can welcome you in 2019 #MPAAPOS
Evening business meetings suddenly take on a new light, no complaints #mpaapos
Night of partying ahead to celebrate the end of this year's APOS Curious to see who's going to go in the pool this year! #MPAAPOS
Whew.... what a week! Congratulations to Vivek and team for another spectacular event. #mpaapos
Final session of this year's APOS! That went fast.... MPA's Vivek Couto on stage with MNC boss Hary Tanoe. The market is growing very fast, Tanoe says, adding that MNC is giving existing subscriber free access…
Hary Tanoesoedibjo, MNC: Consumption is still very low in Indonesia compared with other countries. Once consumption grows, all media businesses will grow, TV and OTT #MPAAPOS
Great discussion with Mediacorp boss LK Tham on evolution, changing mindsets, a new era of engagement, new kinds of relationships and partnerships, working with Singtel and StarHub for the first time on the World C…
Loke Kheng Tham, Mediacorp: I don't believe in big structural reorganisation. I believe in mindset change. There's no perfect way. It's about how you communicate internally with successes that everyone can look at #M…
"We don't see linear in the traditional sense, we see them as an opportunity... Our consumer proposition is all content all in one place. To live up to that, we need to be sourcing all types of content." -…
Scott Lorson, Fetch TV: We like platform economics. If there's a business case, we don't mind bringing money to the table #MPAAPOS
ICYMI: iQiyi picks up preschool series Ben & Holly for China via @eOne_TV  #MPAAPOS
Tetsu Uemura, Tohokushinsha: We don't need a local office to for an OTT service with special interest content. It's not a local business. It's catering to a special interest on a global basis #MPAAPOS
Tetsu Uemura, Tohokinshasha: We don't need a local office to for an OTT service with special interest content. It's not a local business. It's catering to a special interest on a global basis #MPAAPOS
Hulu Japan chief content officer, Kazafumi Nagasawa, talked this morning about diversifying into Russian, Turkish and Australian programming, along with "Miss Sherlock" - Hulu Japan's first co-pro wit…
Paul Aiello, Emerald Media: We've seen a period of exceptional liquidity. There are different pools of capital that will dry up over the next 12-24 months as interest rates go up. If you want to raise …
Mark Britt, Iflix: We massively over-estimated the importance of Western content. Payments need to be more flexible, and more and more investment will go into local content #MPAAPOS
“There is no such thing as winning in South East Asia without winning in Indonesia” @hooqtv CEO @pbithos #MPAAPOs
Peter Bithos, Hooq: The key thing for us is to add value to the value chain and more importantly to the end consumer faster than anyone else. If you don't do that, consumers will soon look somewhere else #MPAAPOS
Peter Bithos, Hooq: When we all started, we talked about the big stats. The journey to get there is something no single player can do, it requires different parts of the ecosystem. That has taken time #MPAAPOS
Games represent 21% of all apps on app stores but contribute 82% of all revenues. Truly revelating. Salute to all the people who have had the foresight to be a part of this ecosystem and shaped it in I…
Hosi Simon: Vice India is the most ambitious launch we’ve ever done. We have a TV block, our full agency business, a studio that is producing scripted, feature films, short form, long form  http://
Indonesia's theatrical environment in focus at APOS this afternoon. Iflix' Mark Francis says he wanted to stay as far as possible away from sinetron in developing local originals like "Magic Hour"…
@TataSky 's @haritnagpal,speaking at #MPAAPOS, says #Netflix deal will help in customer retention,revenue enhancement. What say @Jawahargoel ji?
Netflix Execs Talk Asian Ground Game, Partnerships  #MPAAPOS
APOS day 2. In conversation with @netflixasia on growth plans in APAC! #poweringon #workdesk #mpaapos
Howie Lau, StarHub: Telcos who bundled with energy in Japan reduced churn. It was a natural move for us now the electricity market has opened up in Singapore #MPAAPOS
Telecommunications companies are angling for 'the next level'  Taiwan Mobile is now defined by TIME - Telco, Internet, Media, Ecommerce - says president James Jeng, speaking to CNBC at…
"No longer catchup, our users are starting to treat mobile as the primary screen" Ajit Mohan Hotstar. #MPAAPOS
MPA’s Aravind Venugopal Spotlights “New Digital Economy”  #MPAAPOS
Pay-TV remains challenged in the Philippines; middle class homes are rechannelling spend away from pay-TV to broadband access - ABS-CBN's Carlo Katigbak in Bali this morning. #MPAAPOS
Cost of access & content is hindering OTT scale in Philippines, says ABS-CBN's president/CEO, Carlo Katigak. The way to go is AVOD. Premium SVOD is a narrow sliver of what it used to be. #MPAAPOS
Carlo Katigbak, ABS-CBN: We started iWanTV as a pay model but we realised if you want to capture scale in OTT, you need a free AVOD service in a country like the Philippines #MPAAPOS
Indonesia's Go Jek rolling out a subscription video service, Go Play, supported by new unit Go Studios, says Michy Gustavia, Go-Jek's SVP Acquisition and Development #MPAAPOS
Finally, the official reveal on what James Bridges has been working on after moving on from his role as iflix's global head of content partnerships. The new doc/current affairs streaming platform, IWonder, debuts on ifl…
Jong-Won Kim, Head of Oksusu, SKT: The success of K-pop has traditionally come from terrestrial TV. We want to bring that to mobile, where audiences are consuming more content #MPAAPOS
Hulu Japan chief content officer, Kazafumi Nagasawa, talking about diversifying into Russian, Turkish and Australian programming, along with "Miss Sherlock" - Hulu Japan's first co-pro with HBO Asi…
Super Impressive vision for audience and content growth in India from HotStar CEO Ajit Mohan @secondatticus @hotstartweets #MPAAPOS
Never to learning, never stop growing and always be destructive! #ipsbready #mpaapos
"Online TV now offers the best aspects of Television and Digital for advertisers.  High engagement with addressability" -  Ajit Mohan - Hotstar #MPAAPOS 
Kazufumi Nagasawa, Hulu Japan: The market in Japan is so crowded. We need to differentiate. We are doing that with originals, with premiers from Hulu in the US, but also other markets, Turkish and Russia…
Users are spending 45-60 minutes on Hotstar a day, CEO Ajit Mohan says #MPAAPOS #Hotstar
"While our DNA is in story telling, we were conscious that we had to become a tech company. It's not possible to create a service built by a patchwork of tech partners" - Hotstar CEO Ajit Mohan #MPAAPOS #Hotstar
Indian platform Hotstar's CEO, Ajit Mohan: "The future is very much for people grounded in stories". Not true that mobile is only for short form. #MPAAPOS
Ajit Mohan, Hotstar: We are showing there is a future for old media companies. There is a future for companies who are grounded in storytelling but are very aggressive on technology #MPAAPOS
India's recent infrastructure progress has been pretty amazing, Netflix Asia's biz dev VP, Tony Zameczkowski, says. #MPAAPOS
15+ local originals from Asia will premiere on Netflix in the next few months, says biz dev VP Tony Zameczkowski at APOS this morning. #MPAAPOS @MPAupdates
The fabulous Esther Nguyen on stage at APOS this morning. Says she's launching NBCUni's E! Zone VOD service on POPS In Vietnam in July this year. First for E! Zone in Vietnam. Will include locally produced conte…
NBCUni's E!Zone launching on POPS in Vietnam later this year, POPS Worldwide founder and CEO, Esther Nguyen said at APOS in Bali this morning. #MPAAPOS
NBCU's E!Zone launching in Vietnam with Pops #MPAAPOS
@TelstraBcast Love Johnny’s Mickey Mouse shirt at the @Disney party! Great customer focus. ;) #MPAAPOS #APOS2018
David Lynn, Viacom: We’re always on the lookout for M&A that can game-change our scale in a market and across the region. We look for content synergies and high value or high growth markets where we have the right regul…
Online creators are not taking enough out of the value chain, webTVAsia group CEO Fred Chong told APOS delegates this morning. #mpaapos @desmondngai
Vice Media's Asia Pacific CEO, Hosi Simon, on stage at APOS this morning. #mpaapos
Telstra Broadcast's Johnny Ng and Andreas Eriksson showing that #MPAAPOS is all work and fun! Our Global Media Network's strength in Asia has been a hot topic. #APOS2018 
The transformation of China’s video market is creating opportunities for new specialty players, as well as driving up content acquisition prices - Thomas Hui, CMC
Morning APOS! Thanks @airincupcakery and tonton for breakfast #mpaapos #tonton
Sanchit Sanga, Mindshare: Ad boycott on YouTube is pretty much over. That's good, because YouTube has implemented some good measures, but traditional media owners still need to wake up to this opportunity #MPAAPOS
Sports represent 65% of viewing and revenue for Hotstar #MPAAPOS
Aravind Venugopal, MPA: In most markets, mobile broadband speeds are coming down. Networks are almost at capacity #MPAAPOS
Amazon’s James Farrell Discusses Asia Originals Strategy  #MPAAPOS
The #mpaapos will go on for a couple more days, but gotta get back to Manila, so I’m out #maskidipatAPOS
JB Perrette Talks Discovery’s New Digital Services  #MPAAPOS
David Lynn Touts Viacom’s International Growth  #MPAAPOS @VIMN_PR
Thank You @COUTOVVC for organising #MPAAPOS year on year with such brilliance. This year too, I had a great time with insightful sessions and enriching conversations. Already looking forward to APOS 2019. @MPAUpdates
MPA’s Vivek Couto Discusses Future of AsiaPac Video Ecosystem  #MPAAPOS
E46, E49, E51 as Asia Pacific Video Operator Summit delegates. #mpaapos
Hyun Park: It was easy persuading Warner Bros that there was value in content creation in Korea. The hard part was explaining the production process. It's a culture shock. We talk about localising content. We also need…
Our EVP Strategic Development @garywoolf is currently at #APOS in Bali this week, do get in touch if you'd like to meet up! #mpaapos
Harit Nagpal, Tata Sky: There's been a lack of competitive intensity in DTH primarily because a couple of players were focusing on their merger which has slowed down the migration from cable to DTH. W…
Production wraps on @HBOAsia new horror anthology series, "Folklore". First original by new (ish) production boss Jessica Kam. "Folklore" premieres at the end of this year. #MPAAPOS #Folklore
SeaChange International is at APOS this week! Get in touch with us, and let's talk about your new business needs! #MPAAPOS 
The answer for global distributors is to collectively work together not just with the new and exciting players but with existing players as well, says Gina Brogi, President of global distribution for Twent…
"We are looking at multiple revenue streams from multiple marketplaces, not just Asia. For kids the Asia story can be told internationally." Ricky Ow, Turner Int'l Asia Pacific President at #MPAAPOS
"We are looking at multiple revenues from multiple marketplaces, not just Asia. For kids the Asia story can be told internationally." Ricky Ow, Turner Int'l Asia Pacific President at #MPAAPOS
"Just because we made X yesterday doesn't mean we can make Y tomorrow. We have to invest." - Jonathan Spink @HBOAsia #MPAAPOS
The danger is that everyone races to the bottom and the prices drop so low that no one ever makes any money - Jonathan Spink, @HBOAsia on stage in Bali this afternoon. #MPAAPOS
Targetting four more markets for FOX+ in the next 15 months, says FOX Networks Group's Rohit D'Silva on stage at APOS this afternoon. #MPAAPOS
"I saw our Kung Fu films dubbed into English and swore no one was allowed to see them in English again," saysHBO Asia's Jonathan Spink. The Mandarin originals went on to top ratings charts in multiple countries. &quo…
"The Direct to consumer business is a scary place to be," says HBO Asia CEO Jonathan Spink at APOS @HBOAsia #MPAAPOS
Hong Kong Cable TV picks up toddler channel, ducktv. #MPAAPOS #HKCable
Janice Lee, PCCW: In some markets, 30-40% of viewership are for our own content. That gives us encouragement. Content cost has been kept moderate, its not a big % of our overall content budget #MPAAPOS
“Between 1.2hrs and 1.8hrs of content watched per day, serving 16M active users” congrats #viu #MPAAPOS
«...For Unlimited 4G in Taiwan reaches around 20GB of data consumption [...]but revenue remains flat...  » said Mr. James Jeng from Taiwan Mobile at #MPAAPOS
James Jeng, Taiwan Mobile 'More than 50% of subs on unlimited plans. Data consumption is soaring, but revenue growth is still sluggish. We need to develop new services' #MPAAPOS
Monetising OTT is a completely different ballgame, TVB's SK Cheong tells APOS delegates this afternoon. #mpaapos #OTT #tvb #streaming
Fetch TV, BBC Studios Unveil New Lifestyle Channel  #MPAAPOS
SingTel, StarHub, Mediacorp Partner for World Cup Rights  #MPAAPOS
WebTVAsia Launches New Video Platform in Taiwan  #MPAAPOS
Looking forward to the keynote by Shri @rsprasad ji, and speaking with #RajanGupta and @HaritNagpal on #India in the Age of Digital Convergence, at 3.55 pm. Do stay tuned. #DigitalIndia #MPAAPOS @MPAupdates
2nd spotting of #SpongeBob at the Asia Pacific Operators’ Summit! #MPAAPOS
#SpongeBob spotted at the Asia Pacific Operators’ Summit! #MPAAPOS
Viacom’s Int’l head honcho David Lynn spoke this morning at the annual Asia Pacific Operators’ Summit on mobile and OTT distribution, investments across int’l markets and how else the company is scaling. #MPAAPOS
Rohana Rozhan talking about how Astro built their business by understanding and knowing their customer at #MPAAPOS Proud that @accedotv have been part of the team building @AstroGOmy Njoi and Tribe
Rohana Rozhan talking about how Astro built their business by understanding and knowing their customer at #MPAAPOS Proud that @accedotv have been part of the team building @AstroGOmy Njoi and Tribe
Local champions and sports fairy tales: Myanmar's first ever world champion was 100-1 outsider in MMA before his triumph - Chatri Sityodtong, One Championship #MPAAPOS
Special Report: Pay TV in Asia doing well - in parts  #MPAAPOS
Dato Rohana Rozhan of Astro speaking on Revitalising The Premium at APOS #mpaapos
Rohana, Astro: The roadmap for global technology suppliers is not ideal for agile organisations. We have to persuade our partners to work in tandem with us. That's taken longer than it should but we now have the toolk…
Great knowledge gain from APOS 2018 #mpaapos
#MPAAPOS Rites Sidhwani: "our audience is engaging with the show on social media, it helps us to supplement the lack of viewership data." I'm so glad to hear this because it's one of the ways we can help! @Pa…
Jeff Bezos flagged up shows from India and Japan in 2-page announcement on Prime crossing 100 million members #MPAAPOS
Amazon's James Farrell at APOS this morning talking about Japan, India, partnerships, talent, ideas, execution, and letting domestic partners such as Excel Entertainment (India) and Yoshinori Kogyo (Japan)…
Our interactive Q&A is live - if you have a question, or want to see what others are asking  #MPAAPOS
Aki Okamoto, Yoshimoto COO, is on stage #MPAAPOS and makes audience laugh by his joke :)
CJ E&M’s "Street Food Fighter" premiere peaks at 2.2%, beats slot competitors among 20 to 49 year olds. #MPAAPOS
BBC's roll in India continues! HOOQ picks up 200 hours of premium content for India, including Luther, Maigret and Wolf Hall, BBC Studios said at APOS in Bali this morning. #MPAAPOS @myleeta
Cold Storage on board as "MasterChef Singapore’s first sponsor. Nice ending to tense months as the show dealt with Singapore outrage over the initial idea - a Mandarin series on Chinese Channel 8. Singapore public tol…
Discovery partners with Philippines' Smart on kids app #MPAAPOS
We look for growing scale, content synergies in pay TV and high value/growth markets with right regulatory environment - David Lynn on what Viacom looks out for while analysing investment opportunities #MPAAPOS
"The view is that the more you understand video, the more you invest, the higher data consumption will rise, and therefore revenue will rise. The question is how does the telco share in the revenue and profits of t…
Day 1 of #MPAAPOS, after a great opening on the Asian Markets and some talks with telcos ! Another telco is on stage! hope to hear how @pldt is making profits with Video consumption... especially wi…
PLDT investing heavily in tech, including network upgrades and data analytics. "We are seeing signs of life" in the mobile business, says PLDT director Ray Espinosa. #MPAAPOS
Globe Telecom's Ernest Cu talked abou content providers and telcos aligning their goals and migrating revenue streams from old to new models. "There should be a partnership in investment," he said, addin…
As of 2017. China has 576 million video viewers online. #apos #MPAAPOS
#MPAAPOS China have over 1.4Billion smart phone users, which means the way people consume content like books and TV shows will be majority on Mobile, and will also boost to be the largest community in th…
Indonesian telco Telkomsel's Alistair Johnston says Indonesian consumers are unlikely to pay for content on a mass basis. "Our average arpu is $4. If you are putting $2 or $3 on top of that for a content subsc…
While Traditional TV subscription maybe slowing overall video consumption is growing rapidly, how do professional artists adapt to this new reality? Asks COO of CMC Thomas hui. #MPAAPOS
"60% of our customers engage with us digitally. We give them good reason to stay with us," says Singtel's Yuen Kuan Moon #mpaapos
#MPAAPOS "In China, the top TV shows made available on video platforms are priced at $2M/episode." Thomas Hui from CMC Holding.
"We need to monetise content, not subsidise it with data," says Singtel's Yuen Kwan Moon #MPAAPOS #singtel #content
.@AIS_Thailand CEO,Somchai Lertsutiwong, says that content maybe king, but customer is god, as business models evolve content providers & platform need to work together to serve the customer #MPAAPOS
Singtel's Yuen Kuan Moon answers: "U can't overnight shut down your pay tv business, but at the same time u have to compete in that space. If u don't evolve your business model, something is going to b…
What does success look like: Among other things, "we need to monetise content and not subsidise it with data," says Singtel's Yuen Kuan Moon. #MPAAPOS
Two days of content meetings, attending #mpaapos to get premium content for DhiraaguTV.
"Content is king, but customer is god," AIS Somchai Lertsutiwong tells APOS delegates #MPAAPOS
Thai consumers consume a lot of video - but it's largely free, and on FB, YouTube and Line. Khun Somchai at #mpaapos
#MPAAPOS "key advantage for content provider to partnering with Tesco is that we have intimate relationship with our customers. We like to build focused partnership with 2 or 3 providers rather than resultin…
Ernest Cu from Globe " Prepay users will pay but it is likely to be at the micro level - for an episode or for a weekend" #MPAAPOS
What's the new relationship between telcos & content providers? "We need to align our goals", says Globe's Ernest Cu. In this world of shifting habits, we have to work on migrating revenue streams from old to new. &qu…
#MPAAPOS Question for Yuen Kuan Moon "Does Singtell see future for traditional pay tv in Singapore?" A: "It's not going to happen overnight, we have the fibre infrastructure to switch that to online video, and it's a m…
"Average ARPU is $4. If you are putting $2/3 on top of that for a content subscription, it's not gong to work," says Indonesian telco Telkomsel's Alistair Johnston at APOS this morning #MPAAPOS
Local content resonates in Indonesia, But will people pay for it? Not really. "If you look at the markets on a monthly subs base, that's a thin layer. But if you look at sachet pricing..." says Telkomsel's A…
Alistair D. Johnston CMO @Telkomsel talking about their new Maxstream service at #MPAAPOS conference with @COUTOVVC and more...  @accedotv
Is there a market for premium video in Indonesia? Not really, says Telkomsel's Alistair Johnston at APOS opening session this morning. #MPAAPOS
"Games as a revenue driver for us is potentially bigger than video," says Telkomsel's Alistair Johnston, talking about building affinity with customers. #MPAAPOS
Girls in white... great conversation with the always smiling Janice Lee #PCCW #MD #APOS2018 #Bali #mpaapos #CNBC #media @PCCWGlobal #ayana‬ #workingmom #travel
Thai AIS CEO Somchai Lertsutiwong: "We need to differentiate ourselves by something else other than pricing..." #MPAAPOS #telco
Girls in white... great conversation with the always smiling Janice Lee #PCCW #MD #APOS2018 #Bali #mpaapos #CNBC #media @PCCWGlobal #ayana
Talking about taking measured decisions... "when u are a telco and people expect dividends from you... (first laugh of the day from a packed APOS opening hall from Optus CEO Allen Lew) @APOS this morning. #MPAAPOS #Optus
At the end of day, if all u do is provide connectivity, you will end up like an electricity company, Optus CEO Allen Lew tells APOS delegates this morning #MPAAPOS #Optus
Vivek Couto hosting the opening panel at #MPAAPOS with CEO's from AIS, Globe, Optus, Singtel and CMO Telkomsel.
Khun Somchai discusses Thailand's telco sector at APOS 2018 #mpaapos
The prepaid segment wants local (content), while the postpaid segment wants premium entertainment - Ernest Cu, Globe #mpaapos
Telco panel made in heaven. APOS opening in Bali this morning. No one is fighting, telco bosses say, outlining their issues and focus and emphasising partnerships. Globe's Ernest Cu talking about sachet pricing, par…
3, 5, 15 - 3 mil pay tv subs, 5 mil online video subs, 15 mil free subs - Optus sees their opportunity lie somewhere in between. Allen Lew, CEO, Optus #mpaapos
Next two days attending #MPAAPOS in Bali, Indonesia with the Astro delegation. A great conference line up, already met some old friends and colleagues, lots to do and see in the next 48 hours!
Growing trend in Telco and Media content consolidation, which breaks the traditional barriers and is happening all around the world. Great opening by Vivek Couto #mpaapos
Vivek Couto, wrapping up his opening day address #mpaapos
Consolidation is key for scale, MPA exec director tells a packed hall at APOS opening in Bali this morning. #MPAAPOS
Consolidation, while a cliche, is crucial for survival of players both upstream and downstream in the video value chain. #MPAAPOS
Content investment in Indonesia will grow - but will be funded by online advertising and subscription dollars #MPAAPOS
WebTV Asia is rolling out streaming/OTT platform, LUVE, in Taiwan, CEO Fred Chong says at APOS this morning. #MPAAPOS #streaming #WebTV @desmondngai
Vivek Couto opens APOS in Bali this morning. Talking about streaming giants, scale, globalisation, partnerships, mergers, new global order, china ecosystem that started with piracy, moved to UGC and …
Excited to be back to Bali for #MPAAPOS. If you are around, do say hi! Would love to connect. @MPAupdates
All set for 800+ delegates. #MPAAPOS
MPA Charts Gains in AsiaPac Online Video Sector  @MPAupdates #MPAAPOS
FINALLY! Singtel, StarHub and Mediacorp to broadcast 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Up to the wire again #MPAAPOS #starhub #singtel #mediacorp
Astro's mobile streamer Tribe ups Indonesian footprint in deal with Telco Telkomsel. #mpaapos
Today I saw ads for TV channels for #APOS2018, and I realised I never see ads for TV as a consumer. The age of #FMCV fast moving consumer video is upon us and TV companies are going to have to start putting…
Who says doing business could not be fun too ? #MPAAPOS
Great start at APOS in Bali, thanks Disney for hosting a great Reception. Can't wait to see the jam packed sessions tomorrow! Glad to represent @ParrotAnalytics here and making more connections in As…
Solving the world's problems one delicious dish at a time! Fab Four catch-up in Bali tonight #mpaapos
On stage in Bali today with the fabulous Nia Dinata, who spoke about her journey as a filmmaker in Indonesia, her ongoing interest in diversity and inclusion, and her fearless pursuit of the story. It all…
Was great getting together with some of the ladies at APOS over lunch earlier today. Thanks for hosting ! And I this gift! #mpaapos  In a landscape still dominated by TV, the Asia Pacific online video industry is on a sure path to more than double its share of video in…
HOOQ turbo charges Indonesian content. Standby for movie slates from local indie prod-co.s MD Pictures, Starvision, Rapi Films and TBS Films #mpaapos #film #indonesia
Asian streaming platform Viu to deliver 900 original eps in Asia this year, PCCW Media Group head Janice Lee says. #MPAAPOS #VIU @janicelee
After sunset before sunrise #mpaapos
Day 1 and #mpaapos in Bali is off to a great start. APOS is an annual gathering of movers and shakers from the world of content, platforms and technology. They’re expecting 700 delegates... an indication of t…
Malaysia’s Tribe up to 3.1mn installs, 500,000 MAU's. Partners with Indonesia’s Telkomsel in new deal announced at #MPAAPOS
Once Indonesians have subscribed to an OTT service and lapsed, over 50% are considering re-subscribing. @apacBrightcove OTT research with @YouGov @stephen_tracy #MPAAPOS
First experience at APOS Bali and I couldn’t believe that last year during the same event, only four women were attending the Apos Women Luncheon. It’s true that the industry is still dominated by men. …
Over the next five years in Asia, excluding China, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google will retain more than 60 percent of online video revenues, Media Partners Asia (MPA) reports.
Content investment in Asia is expected to scale to US$30.1 billion by 2023, a 5% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2018, MPA says as this year's APOS kicks off #MPAAPOS
As #MPAAPOS kicks off in Bali, executives at Media Partners Asia, FOX Networks Group, Sony Pictures Television, TV5MONDE and Rewind Networks weigh in on the key trends at play in Asia’s fast-moving pay-TV space.  http://
Viu Slates Singapore/Malay Version of The Bridge  #mpaapos
Content investment in TV & online video tops US$23 billion in 2017 - up 6%, MPA says as APOS kicks off. #MPAAPOS
FANG companies will retain more than 60% of online video revenue ex-China over the next five years, Media Partners Asia (MPA) said today as this year's Asia Pacific Video Operators Summit (APOS) gets under way. #MPAAPOS
Almost 50% of Internet users in Indonesia have already subscribed to an OTT Video service. @apacBrightcove OTT Research with @Yougov. @stephen_tracy #MPAAPOS
@janineXstein rocks the Apos Women Luncheon Bali. Grateful to see women support women all around the world #mpaapos @ContentAsia
“In terms of models, most OTT providers in APAC offer a hybrid of live and on demand content, as well as a hybrid of AVoD, TVoD and SVoD.”  #MPAAPOS
All ready for the first Woman@APOS lunch looking forward to hearing Indonesian filmmaker Nia Dinata's @ibunia story. #womenfilmakers #womeninfilm #womeninfilmandtv #mpaapos
Thanks @hooqtv for the VIP transfer to #MPAAPOS ! Best driver and greeter
"What people spend on mobile is a fraction of what they spend as a household on broadband and the competition for that watch time is significant. When you’re competing with mobile you’re competing with a digital ecosys…
Mike Savage on LinkedIn: “#MPAAPOS”
Mike Savage on LinkedIn: “Registration is now open #MPAAPOS”
Viu greenlights 1st Asian version of scripted crime drama "The Bridge". Nice! @janicelee @fotiniparaskakis #VIU #ViuTV #endemol #MPAAPOS
Local ecosystems continue to evolve in Southeast Asia. APOS 2018, starting today, picks out key opportunities and the companies attempting to capitalize on them, while evaluating the impact of these ch…
Taken earlier when I arrived on Monday early afternoon. Yup, the work environment for the next 5 days. I promise I really am working very hard. #mpaapos
just because it's Monday and it's APOS. Happy week all! #mpaapos
APOS starts tomorrow! FUN Union will be attending and we can't wait to learn more about the latest APAC trends! We look forward to seeing you there! #APOS #MPAAPOS @MPAupdates
DramaFever Execs Land Expanded Warner Bros. Roles  #mpaapos
Best of Luck to Vivek and team! Looking forward to the next three days. Meanwhile, am loving MPA's APOS website! #MPAAPOS
The next chapter is being written for online video in APAC. APOS, starting tomorrow, will take a snapshot of the latest competitive dynamics and revenue opportunity as global, regional and local serv…
HOOQ'd @ APOS thank you @peter.bithos @cdn.brit.abroad #mpaapos
Ladies and Gentlemen... Get Set #mpaapos
Looking forward to attend #MPAAPOS in Bali with @COUTOVVC and team. A summit where the content and media world gets insights to Asiapac and figures out what next.. #apos2018
Mike Savage on LinkedIn: “It all starts tomorrow #mpaapos”
Ready, set.... heading for Bali watch out for our running commentary on what's happening at APOS. All news / tips / comment welcome! DM here. #mpaapos
The quest for local, regional and global scale is picking up pace. APOS 2018, starting Tuesday, highlights the paths to value and partnerships that matter for media, telecoms and entertainment brands as…
Media evolution is on the fast-track in China, India and Indonesia, due to a potent mix of growth, technology and scale. APOS 2018, starting Tuesday, shines a light on how new services, distribution…
Investors are making deep bets across telecoms, media and technology, helping fuel the next cycle of competition in content and distribution. APOS 2018, starting Tuesday, will explore the thinking beh…
Scale, partnerships, driving consumer engagement and increasing revenues amid a rapidly transforming media ecosystem in Asia #MPAAPOS 
Scale, partnerships, driving consumer engagement and increasing revenues amid a rapidly transforming media ecosystem in Asia #MPAAPOS 
Ylang-ylang... Welcome to Bali #MPAAPOS
André Kudelski will be a featured speaker at APOS in the session “New Tech Realities for Pay-TV”. As traditional broadcast business undergoes a major upheaval, he outlines his plans to adapt to industry disruption and a…
Two of Asia’s largest cultural and content hubs, Korea and Japan, are at an important crossroads, as the competitive landscape shifts at home and abroad. Major players take the stage at APOS 2018, st…
Countdown to APOS! 4 days... watch out for CONTENTASIA'S daily news, direct from Bali into your inbox. Plus breaking news at  More Soon! #mpaapos #contentasia
Countdown to APOS! 4 days... watch out for CONTENTASIA'S daily news, direct from Bali into your inbox. Plus breaking news at More Soon! #mpaapos #contentasia
Next week our Regional Director, S.E. Asia, Chris Hampartsoumian, will be attending APOS in Bali, Indonesia! Get in touch with us to arrange a meeting with him today:  #APOS #MPAAPOS
Media evolution is on the fast-track in China, India and Indonesia, due to a potent mix of growth, technology and scale. APOS 2018, starting next week, shines a light on how new services, distribution…
@MPAupdates will be livetweeting next week's APOS conference in Bali. Do follow if interested, and feel free to join in. Will be a great show #MPAAPOS
Next week our Regional Director - S.E. Asia, Chris Hampartsoumian, will be attending APOS in Bali, Indonesia! Get in touch with us to arrange a meeting with him today:  #APOS #MPAAPOS